Peter Hall

Reiki Master/Teacher. Isis Seichem Master/Teacher. True Light Practitioner.
Spiritual/Life Counsellor. Diploma of Management.

Mission Statement:
 To reach as many lives as possible with guided healing and teachings, and to assist as many people, that want help, in learning to heal themselves. To use my knowledge, experience and guidance to help others move forward in resolving life lessons given to them.

This mission statement is a true reflection of where I am in my life. I was born in Adelaide and grew up in an era of hard times like most of my generation. It equipped me with the ability to overcome problems, be more empathetic to others and contributed to a strong desire to use my knowledge and experience for the higher good.

At around 9 years of age I had a vision and knew that I was on a path I would not be able to ignore. I spent many years looking for that pathway, gaining many experiences and being a gypsy in the main stream religions trying to find what I was to realise was my inner truth.

Peter Hall
Reiki Training

Then around 26 years ago I came across an eastern based belief system that had a strong spiritual aspect combined with a practical way to help others. This was to be the start of my journey in spiritual healing.

Over the ensuing years I have taken the time to study many spiritual practices and to learn healing modalities. As well, I have developed my psychic potential and combined many of the aspects to be able to be a channel for giving guided healing. I have called it Miway and it has become a passion for me.

I also offer spiritual counselling that quite often stems from the healing sessions. This can be a very powerful aid alongside the healing to help people move on with their lives.

I would feel privileged if you decide to join with me, and allow me to assist and guide you through your healing process.


International Institue for Complementary Therapists
Healing Hands