Psychic and Spiritual Development

Miway Awareness and Guidance

Hi! I am Peter Hall, an Intuitive Psychic and Healer.

Although aware of my gifts from around aged 9, I chose to start using them about 30 years ago.
I am given glimpses into people’s lives and am able to assist them in moving forward.

Intuitive Psychic

As an Intuitive Psychic I can deliver to you:

  • Accurate, relevant card readings using amazing cards
  • Intimate insights into the energies surrounding you
  • Uplifting messages of hope
  • Practical guidance in health, finances and relationships

Intuitive Healer

As an Intuitive Healer, I work with powerful energies and amazing spiritual guides and offer:

  • In depth understanding of the bodies energy system
  • Hands on healing techniques including Reiki and Isis Seichem of which I am a master in both
  • Aura healing
  • Messages from guides to assist the healing process

I also offer Spiritual Counselling.

Intuitive Healer
Soul Talks and Hunab Ku

Soul Talks is a registered charity designed to assist people with end of life issues.
In particular, Joy the founder of Soul Talks is passionate about helping people understand the need for, and the understanding of what is required for Advance Care Directives.

Hunab Ku is a gallery and retail outlet in Ebenezer place in Adelaide that supports the charity Soul Talks.
It operates Monday to Friday and all proceeds from sales support the charity’s important work.
Having worked in palliative care as a volunteer I understand the need for the work this charity does, and through a chance meeting with the founder Joy, I now operate from there two days a week (Wednesday and Friday) doing readings by appointment. In this way I am able to assist supporting Soul Talks.