Learn to heal

Do you sometimes feel that normal western healing methods let you down? Are you looking for something to work with on a daily basis to help you stay healthy?

I was. Although I did not get many illnesses, when I did fall ill the scenario was always the same. See a doctor, be given a prescription for some medicine and go back to him if there was no improvement in a few days. Then I found Reiki and the gentle energies it gave to assist the body and all living things.

Reiki is a natural and simple system of healing and spiritual development. In the west, Reiki is often taught solely as a healing system, but in Japan the emphasis was just as much on the pathway to enlightenment through Reiki, as it is on healing. It can also be described as unconditional love.

Reiki is usually taught as a hands on method of healing. This requires the practitioner to place their hands on the body to allow the gentle energy to flow into the receiver.

Reiki teaches you to heal yourself as well as being beneficial in helping others. It is taught in two levels i.e. Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.

Once these levels have been mastered the student can then consider if they wish to go on to Reiki Master level, although this requires a strong commitment to the modality and the lifestyle it creates. (Pricing provided to suitable applicants).

Reiki Training

As a highly experienced Reiki Master, I personally conduct the accredited Reiki training.

Reiki training booking availability:

  • Conducted as a 1 day session, normally on a monthly basis
  • Saturday 10-5pm, at Salisbury
  • A minimum of 2 students required to run the training, maximum 8
  • An even number of students are booked (for practice purposes)

Formal certification is provided on the day, upon successful completion of training.

To book your Reiki training:

Contact me first if desired to discuss healing training options and planned dates.

Then purchase the Reiki training if applicable using this page. The payment via credit card is made using a secure process by Stripe, which will display once you’ve completed the form.

I’ll then be in contact to confirm your placement for the training date concerned.

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